Press Day


Programação do feriado:
Quinta – 10:30
Sexta – Votação no quadro do box
Sábado – Fechado

CrossFit Pinheiros – CrossFit

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Progressões Push Press

a. Set-up: Take bar from supports or clean to racked position. The bar sits on the shoulders with the grip

slightly wider than shoulder width. The elbows are below and in front of bar. Stance is approximately

shoulder width. Head is tilted slightly back allowing bar to pass..

b. Dip: Initiate the dip by bending the hips and knees while keeping the torso upright. The dip will be

between 1/5 and 1/4 of a squat in depth.

c. Drive: With no pause at the bottom of the dip, the hips and legs are forcefully extended.

d. Press: As the hips and legs complete extension the shoulders and arms forcefully press the bar overhead

until the arms are fully extended.



5 Push-press

Push Press (EMOM 8´ @ 90-100% 1RM SHOUDER PRESS)


A carga é baseada no percentual do 1RM do Shoulder Press!!


Metcon (Time)

5x (RX+7x)

5 Pull-up (RX+ C2B)

5 Shoulder Press 2 KB (ou dumbbell) 16/8 kg (RX+ 20/12)

5 Thrusters 2 KB